Friday, May 15, 2009

Huevos Rancheros

My sister-in-law used to work at this ritzy restaurant called Toast. It serves all good things in the name of breakfast: made-to-order omelettes, cinnamon rolls the size of your head, stuffed French toast, eggs any way your heart desires, and, of course, the best toast this side of the Mississippi (which is quite a few states, I might add).

We continue to frequent Toast mainly because of our friend, Sarah's, obsession with their huevos rancheros. I don't think I've ever been there with her, and she hasn't ordered it. Whenever she is in town, it is an imperative that we meet one morning at the restaurant for breakfast so that she can have her fix of her beloved dish. I have yet to try the dish because it is so rich and unappetizing to my early morning tummy. One of these days I'm going to work up the nerve though, because I am certain I'm missing out on something fairly spectacular, spectacular.

Until that time, I have created my own huevos rancheros dish to hold me over. It is a very simple dish to make and quite healthy for you, full of protein (something I can never get enough of).

Start off with a corn tortilla. Warm it up a little with some oil in a frying pan over low heat. You want it to be a little crispy. Place it on your serving plate. Add a couple spoonfuls of warmed black beans and a fried egg. Next comes a bit of salsa, homemade, or I like Pace's medium chunky on just about everything Mexican. Sprinkle on a bit of either cheddar or jack cheese. A generous helping of guacamole sits on top, crowned by a dollop of sour cream.


Rye-Rye said...

It looks, well...interesting? ;-p

Dragon said...

Did you say healthy? I'm in!

healthily sanguine said...

Looks pretty good, but what's up with the black beans and cheese (and sour cream and guacamole??!)? I'm going to start pontificating here, because huevos rancheros are my absolute favorite Mexican food (or perhaps a close tie with chile relleno) and while your recipe might be tasty--it is not huevos rancheros. I am Mexican, so I know.

Huevos rancheros consist of three main components, the first two more important than the third: huevos (eggs), ranchero sauce (tomato-based spiced sauce), and fried corn tortillas. You get the tortilla part right, but the emphasis should really be on the eggs and sauce. After frying the tortilla in a generous amount of oil, you use the remaining bit of hot oil to fry your egg over-easy--this is important because the yolk needs to be runny. Beside the egg in the pan, you warm your already-made ranchero sauce. You can probably find recipes for this online, but my grandmother's simple salsa made of cooked fresh tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh jalapeno and Serrano peppers, all blended in a blender and simmered for 30-60 minutes on the stove, is what I generally crave for the job. Once your egg is done, you slide it onto the tortilla, which has been placed onto a paper towel to absorb some of the grease, and then you transfer both egg and tortilla to your plate and top with the warm salsa.

Ah, I really want one now! To break into the egg with my fork, watch the beautiful runny yolk meet the savory sauce, and capture both on a wedge of tortilla in order to lift all three into my eagerly expectant mouth . . . bliss. Utter bliss.