Wednesday, June 17, 2009


The nectar of the gods. There is much debate as to what this substance consists of. But, my friends, look no further because I have discovered its true identity. It seems like such a humble fruit, grown on short, little bushes. Rather inside out, as its seeds dot the exterior. Modest little green tufts of leaves poke out from the top of its juicy plumpness. Don't let it deceive you by its size; the smallest of these can pack a mighty punch of sweetness.

I can never get enough of these ruby beauties. I'm lucky I don't have crimson-colored skin during the summer considering the number I consume.

Just the fruit itself isn't enough for me. I turn the appearance of other foods into its likeness just so I can trick myself into thinking I'm eating them ALL the time! :-)

Oh yes. I can't forget.

The Strawberry Mambo.
Simply feasting my eyes on a single one causes me to go into a dancing trance of epic proportions. I fall completely under their power.


healthily sanguine said...

:) This post made me smile.

bakerstreetrider said...

Me too! I miss your famous Mambo!