Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ploughman's Picnic Lunch

A rare sunny day in February last week gave Ryan and I the opportunity for a picnic lunch in the park. I absolutely love picnics. Any opportunity I have to be outside, I jump on instantly. Something about being out of doors makes everything seem fresh and more enjoyable.

The dilemma faced when packing a picnic lunch revolves around the question of what is easily portable. The notion of an English Ploughman's lunch came to mind. It seemed appropriate as Ploughman's lunches were traditionally served outdoors on chilly days to workers when they come in from the fields for a hearty meal at midday. Despite the sunshine, it was still rather chilly and it would provide a filling meal before a long shift at work.

Normally, a Ploughman's lunch consists of a hunk of cheese, some meat, fruit and greens. The platter is garnished with pickles and relishes to accompany the meats and cheese. Simple, yet sustainable. It is served alongside a mug of warm cider or ale.

For our Ploughman's lunch, I picked up some English Stilton with Cranberries and English White Cheddar cheese to go with a loaf of hearty wheat bread.

A wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables including carrots, green bell peppers, spring mix, apples, grapefruit and kumquats were included in the mix. A jar of cornichons and warm apple cider tied into the traditional Ploughman's meal.

As it was Friday and I needed something meatless, I opted for a little fish dish of salmon pinwheels in lieu of sausage.

To craft these, simply spread a warmed tortilla with cream cheese blended with a bit of dill, lay pieces of smoked salmon on top, roll and slice to desired size.

And don't forget your siesta...essential for good digestion.

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Rye-Rye said...

The cider was delicious, the cheese was amazing and the salmon was, well, edible... ;-)