Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun with Pancakes

What is a Saturday morning without pancakes??
Seth is my guest blogger this morning, sharing with you the results of the delicious breakfast he prepared this morning. My brother has all the makings of a master chef beginning to surface. :-) Without further adieu....
Hello, my name is Seth. This morning me and my sister made apple cinnamon pancakes which we do not usually do, but today we did. Mixing the batter is tough. The cinnamon and apples made it more difficult to stir with the whisk. The pancakes were much thicker than normal. My favorite part was the fact that we put extra apples in the batter. When you ate the pancake it was like eating an atomic bomb of apple goodness. There would be blasts of delicious, and then it would be just like radiation: an after shock of total awesomeness. Anyway, it was really good. Next time you make buttermilk pancakes be sure to try adding your favorite fruits and spices for an extra layer of sweetness to your morning.
My specialty is Mickey Mouse pancakes.
We enjoyed our fantastic apple-cinnamon pancakes with sausage and bacon, and a glass of our 'chewy fruit' orange juice. (Translation: lots of pulp ;-) )
Mmmm, mmmm good!

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Dragon said...

I love the Mickey Mouse pancakes!