Monday, September 21, 2009

Canned Pumpkin Scarcity

Just as the autumnal weather comes upon us, causing me to gear up for Fall baking endeavors with my delicious pumpkin, I discover a SHORTAGE of canned pumpkin at the grocer. Yes, you read that correctly: a scarcity of canned pumpkin.

My past few promenades down the canned vegetable aisle have left me disappointed without a trace of pumpkin in sight. I thought it was merely a coincidence. But then, a few days ago I went to the store, eager to buy some pumpkin for these scones I've been craving, and found a gaping hole where the canned pumpkin should have been. I was seriously in disbelief. How could it be that no stores in my area were keeping pumpkin in stock! Especially this time of year when everyone is beginning to crave that scrumptious Fall veggie! Scandalous! I kept glancing up and down the aisle, hoping that they had been misplaced. We even consulted a clerk as to whether they were on special display somewhere else in the store.

Not a can in sight.

I resorted to the pumpkin pie canned mixture and tweaked my recipe to accommodate. (Doesn't quite taste the same though, but did the trick.)

Then, as we are checking out, bemoaning the fact we could not find our beloved canned pumpkin, the cashier informs us that there has recently been a run (and, therefore, a scarcity) on canned pumpkin caused by a new fad of feeding pumpkin to one's dogs.

Apparently, pumpkin is the new doggie diet pill. It is recommended for overweight dogs to replace a bit of the dry food with canned pumpkin. It aids them in digestion and keeps them full longer due to the added fiber, keeping them from eating too much fattening dry food....Hey! Maybe we should try this diet for fat humans too! Ingenious. I claim the canned pumpkin for the humans. We get first dibs! Sorry, but I'd rather keep myself looking svelte than my that selfish?

So, yes, if you want to make anything other than a pumpkin pie right now (unless your local pumpkin patch is open and you want to cook a pumpkin), your fresh out of luck because our dogs are on the skinny pumpkin diet. Currently searching for a substitute....sweet potatoes, anyone??


Christina said...

This is the second blog I've read talking about the Great Pumpkin Shortage! It's odd, I remember seeing canned pumpkin in its proper place at the stores every single month this year :conspiracy theory:. I didn't hear that about the dog thing, which actually sounds interesting. A homemade pumpkin dog cookie would probably make you millions! Hmm. Going to have to check out the stores.

Ginger said...

we too can not find canned pumpkin (in the north atlanta area)pumpkins are plentiful, but no canned for the last month