Tuesday, August 2, 2011


A pleasant memory of a summer past. Who knew an ice cream bar could hold so much power?

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My first visit to France during the summer of 2003 was spent with many hours poolside sipping a refreshing limonade and consuming bite after bite of a little delicious little bar called Magnum. It was the summer of a magnificent heat wave that caused the expiration of many, especially the eldery, due to a lack of cooling systems. My brother and I, however, had found the solution. Or, rather, Mamina had provided it. My dear friend's French grandmere filled her freezer to the brim with these delightful frozen morsels for us to eat. After each short dip in the water, we would climb out, dash to the floor freezer in the musty basement, and choose a Magnum bar to enjoy. This would occur, oh, at least a dozen times a day.

I was thoroughly disappointed when I returned stateside and could not find them in any grocer's freezer this side of the Atlantic. I would search for other ice cream bars that would fit the bill, but none could compare. Dove bars, I think, were the closest I could find, but they were still lacking.

Until now.

When Foodbuzz's Tastemaker Program asked if I would like to receive a trial box of Magnums, I was first in a state of shock, not believing what I read. After I snapped out of it, I was literally rejoicing with songs of praise for the person who made the honorable decision to make these available to grateful Americans! Thank you!!!

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Magnum means "great" or "mighty," an apt name for this, albeit small, flavorful bite of sweetness. Their chocolatey coating is, in fact, mighty. Certainly not for those who prefer the taste of Hershey's. Their hearty shell contains a delightful ice cream, every bit rich and creamy. There was a bit of difficulty finding these at the store as others had discovered their greatness too. If you find some lurking in the freezer section, be sure to snatch them up quickly before others in your area are turned on to their supreme flavor. Only 3 in a box, you might need to stock up.

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