Monday, August 15, 2011

Yards of Beer

This could be about gardening, but, as it turns out, there was something better in store (pun intended).  In what used to be an upscale gardening boutique, a lively restaurant with over 130 beers on tap moved into town.  It was an easy and honest mistake to misapply the name of The Yard House, thinking it was a purveyor of tools and lawn statues rather than a glorious eating establishment housing over a hundred beers on tap and other fine drinks and foods.  But this is a far cry from dirt and snails.

The centerpiece of this restaurant is the elongated bar, a good place to cozy up to and quiz the knowledgable bartenders who are here to help you find your perfect libation.  (Even the servers are required to undergo a six-week intenstive training to learn all the ins-and-outs of the myriad of drinks they serve.)  All beer is cooled to a perfect 34-36 degrees in the keg room which is, then, piped in refrigerated tubes that run along the ceiling to their taps in the center of the bar. 
Their appetizers, such as the tower of onion rings, are a perfect pairing with the beers.  Or, if you are in the mood for something more, they serve delicious thin-crust pizzas, jumbo, full-flavored burgers, and other appetizing main dishes.

It is a requirement that you order beer here. It is highly unlikely, even if you normally dislike beer, that you will be unable to find something to satisfy on their extensive menu.  At least try their rotating six-pack beer sampler or their deliciously sweet Double Chocolate Stout beer float.  (C'mon, it's chocolate, ladies!!)

It is difficult to get to the last drop at the bottom, but don't let that deter you.

The half-yard glass is a specialty piece of The Yard House. Most of their draft beers are offered in this tower of beer. I'm always afraid an errant hand in aid to animated conversation is going to send it flying in one fellow swoop.  Actually, they had to do away with the yard glasses due to a growing tendency of folks using them as lightsabers after finishing....
Tsk, tsk....playing with your food.

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