Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year to you too!

Steve and I stopped in at a Buffalo Wild Wings Sunday night for a quick dinner in between moving loads to his new apartment. The line was out the door due to the televised game inside between the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys.

A rather intoxicated woman ready to make her exit, came stumbling down the hallway boldly stating to each passerby, "Happy New Year," to which she received few replies as most were too intent upon watching the game to pay her any mind. She was rather flustered with the unresponsive types. Because it was New Year's Day and a time for celebration, she felt people should make an effort to reply accordingly.

Steve and I were standing in the breezeway waiting for a vacant seat to fill in the waiting area. As she approached us, we were at the ready, sure to answer loudly and proudly. We did so on cue. She replied without batting an eyelash, "Hey, you guys should get married this year!" Well, thanks, stranger. We plan on doing just that.... :)

I've been a bit absent the past few days because we are in process of moving as I mentioned above. Barely time for eating, let alone cooking...will get back on the ball here shortly! :)

Hope the new year is off to a great, fresh start for each and every one of you!

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