Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ethnic Libations

Often times we get stuck in a rut, sticking with only what we know. But one of the greatest pleasures in life is the variety available to us. The ability to try new things, encounter new experiences, is part of the great adventure of life.

Steve and I really try to adhere to this call to adventure, especially when it comes to food. We'll often search out certain ethnic foods in our area that we've never tried before, to get a better sense of their flavors and culture.

Our biggest adventures usually come in the form of a libation. I recently had my first taste of a mango lassi. Made with yogurt, milk, mango, sugar, and cardamom, it is the Indian form of a smoothie. They are sweet treats, perfectly complementary with Indian curry dishes.

Accompanying our Ethiopian cuisine one evening, we enjoyed a bottle of mead. Mead is a rather syrupy wine, a bit too sweet for my taste. Flavored with honey, it dominates, but will certainly satisfy those who like the flavor. The alcohol content in mead is often in the 18% range, so it is not for the faint of heart.

Greek gyros find a friend in Retsina wine. From the fine island of Greece, this white wine gives off a pine scent and flavor. A bit striking on first sip, one accustoms well to its woodsy demeanor. Also good with a bite of baklava.

Please share some of your fun drink finds in the comments!