Sunday, October 5, 2008

A First Time for Everything

I have been chewing on the idea for quite some time now of starting a blog. As with most ideas that dwell in my head, it has been properly masticated and was begging to be swallowed. You are viewing the beginnings of digestion... :-)
No. This will not be a blog of horrible analogies. As is evident, I would fall into a rapid tailspin and would have to shut this down. Rather, I wanted to share my thoughts and musings on any and all things related to FOOD.

It appears I have become a foodie.

But what this really comes down to is I love beauty. I love beauty in every facet. I encounter it in so many ways every day. I want to share my passion for beautiful things with others. I want to help you catch a glimpse of the taste, smell, touch, sound, sight of the variety of comestibles in the world around us. Not only has God blessed us with so many natural delicacies, but He also allows us to partake in the creation of beautiful tastes. I want to share some of the recipes I have concocted. Take you on a tour of amazing combinations I have discovered. Give you a hint of the flavors enough to peak your interest and get you out there testing them yourself.

I am new to this blogosphere. It make take a while for me to navigate all of the functions. Please be patient with me. Any comments, suggestions, hints, etc. are greatly appreciated.

Get ready for some incredible tastes and awesome treats.... :-)


Heidi Marie said...

Sounds awesome Laurel! Love your first post! :-) I have a blog too.

If you have any questions you can ask me. :-)

healthily sanguine said...

Hey Laurel! I am excited to see what comes of this blog! Talk to you later.