Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Wedding Cake Extraordinare

Two friends of mine from college are blessed to have an incredibly talented sister who fashioned their wedding cakes from scratch. I've watched Emily powder the kitchen from top to bottom in flour and drown in waves of frosting. She carefully pieces together each layer after baking them, and then painstakingly adorns the exterior with intricate flourishes of her pastry tips.

Colin and Sarah's cake was designed based on a photo Sarah found in catalog of wedding cakes that was her perfect cake. Emily's replication surpassed the photo--she added a flare of roses, the same used in the bouquets of the wedding party.

Living at the house while Nick and Elizabeth's was constructed, I was literally in awe the whole time. Her perseverance and patience were manifested at every moment as she outdid herself in embellishment this time--placing the curly cues, constructing the roses (no easy task!), balancing the tiers, and you can't see the ruby red cake within the frosting that she carefully dyed to the exact color desired. A masterpiece in culinary art.

The O'Neill cake I did not have the pleasure of viewing in person
but it is clear from the photo that it is no less stunning than
Emily's previous creations....


healthily sanguine said...

Great post! You should do a post on the wonders of a roux...I made creamed onions tonight with only four ingredients: chopped onions, salted butter, flour, and milk. Yummy and easy!

hot garlic said...

I love weddings, I could look at the cakes all day. How talented your friend or friends sister... whoever it was! is SO talented. Great cakes.

Emiline said...

These are beautiful cakes! I wish I had the skills to make them.