Thursday, October 20, 2011

Campfire Perfection

I can be rather anal about toasting my marshmallows. I approach the flames of a campfire with a game plan. I want my marshmallow as smooth as cream. When I bite through the perfectly browned skin, I want it to ooze out the filling. There should be little chewing involved.

But this takes time. And this takes patience. A direct flame will either set the morsel ablaze or char the exterior too quickly. Find a spot where the embers are the color of a brilliant sunset and hold the marshmallow just inches away. Hold tight for about four to five minutes as the inside s.l.o.w.l.y. softens.

Although possibly the simplest of marshmallow recipes, the s'more also has a method to its gooey madness. I was recently taught a trick that defies that of the greatest magicians, one that will result in completely melted chocolate and a toasted graham cracker for your delectable consumption.

After forming your s'more with your roasted marshmallow, wrap it up in tinfoil the way you prepare your pizza leftovers for the fridge -- nothing peeking! Find a good spot to tuck it into the coals, letting it rest there 5 minutes or so. Shaaazing, shaaazam!...poof!...pry open to reveal the contents that will definitely have you hankering for SOME MORE!

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