Saturday, December 17, 2011

Book of Awesome

Earlier this year, I had the joy of visiting with a dear college friend for a week. We traipsed all over northern California, from San Francisco to Carmel to Walnut Creek and back again. While enroute, revelling in each other's company, we decided to write our mini "Book of Awesome." (Inspired by this fantastic, little book.)

Here is what we compiled:

~ scones and real clotted cream
~ making music with friends
~ a Monet painting
~ cute, comfortable shoes
~ no traffic
~ road trips with girlfriends
~ nylons with no runs
~ dark, salted chocolate
~ Häagen-Daz ice cream
~ British Mini-Coopers
~ the beach -- just in general!
~ warm clothes from the dryer
~ In 'N Out Burger
~ Johnson's Lavender & Chamomile lotion
~ shopping at Ann Taylor Loft
~ fresh sheets
~ down comforters
~ reading poetry/plays aloud
~ being in pjs all day
~ Easter Vigil & Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve
~ wedding invitations
~ making bouquets
~ apple picking
~ Nutella
~ ........

We got side-tracked and never finished the list, but, truly, it could go on forever.

During this time of year, we should especially take some time to reflect on all the wonderful blessings in our lives. Don't forget to take a moment to do this in the midst of all the parties and gifting this holiday season.

Gifts come to us every day in the smallest things....
What would be in your 'Book of Awesome?'

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'Akaterina said...

I love your blog!

I would have to add sleeping children. Nothing quite so nice after a long day with them. :)