Monday, February 9, 2009

Heart Day

This appeared in the bottom of the bowl of chocolate mousse the other night. Hearts seem to popping up everywhere these days....

Many people have been commenting to me lately that they are not looking forward to Valentine's Day. They say the holiday puts too much pressure on a person to produce some grand display of affection for one's significant other. I've been told that there is always some grandiose expectation on the other's part which it is practically impossible for one to guess and/or accomplish.

Is this true? It seems this is in large part due to the holiday (like any other these days) being so intricately connected with material goods that must be purchased. This, purportedly, is the only means to adequately convey one's feelings for another. Is expensive jewelry or a fancy restaurant dinner truly the only means of showing your love for another?

Even the most paraphernalia-addicted can appreciate displays of affection in other forms....

With a holiday so closely associated with the heart, homemade gifts seem the best way to convey one's love for another. What could possibly come more from the heart? Employ your greatest talents and make something sweet for your valentine.

Yet, even a tangible object isn't necessary to show your affection for another.

Those deeds we call 'random acts of kindness' may be seriously lacking in one's life; now would be an ideal time to dust them off and use them! Many of those common courtesies we use with our acquaintances are often forgotten when associating with those closest to us. A 'good morning,' a 'please' and 'thank you,' a conscious awareness of the needs and desires of others...a renewal of these in one's life are an excellent display of affection.

Valentine's Day is a day for remembering those we love. I do not feel burdened by this task, but use it as an opportunity to freshen and enliven my feelings and sentiments for my family and friends. A holiday, such as Valentine's Day, should not feel overwhelming but encourage us to rejuvenate those tendernesses which should be carried on in little ways the whole year through.

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