Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tea and Scones

There is nothing more soothing in the middle of a hectic day than a pot of tea and a warm scone to clear the head and bring you back to level ground. I miss my carefree college days when my friends and I used to take our afternoon tea around 3pm every week day. We took it as a time to reconnect and prepare ourselves for the long expedition through countless pages of Herodotus, memorization of Greek conjugations, and the declaration of our thoughts on Kant's categorical imperative. We would sip our tea and munch on the delicious homemade treats. (Several of us found baking cathartic, necessary for sanity, so there was nearly always a tasty bite to eat.)

I try to renew this intermission every once and while. Calling friends over to relax and reminisce, we leisurely sip our tea and watch as the sun dips ever closer to the horizon.

These scones are a frequent addition to my afternoon tea spreads. I found them over at The Skinny Gourmet. I've tried out a few of her scone recipes and always found them absolutely fantastic. Another great website for scone recipes is the Joy of Baking. For something simple, the Coffeehouse Scone is a great choice. It is perfect vehicle for sweet jams and curds. These pumpkin scones have been a frequent fall/winter addition to my tea table. Several people have commented on their superiority to the Starbucks version.

Enjoy a brief tea and scone respite this afternoon. You deserve it.

What are some of your favorite scone recipes?


Laurie said...

How cool that you had tea and scones in the afternoons in college! I adore scones of all kinds but pumpkin ones are right up there.

I was so horrified that the seagulls ate your lovely birthday cake! Simply horrified...

Even though I live by the sea and know their antics, I'm hoping east coast seagulls are better behaved.

Hope your birthday was happy anyway!

Rye-Rye said...

I do love your scones! :-p