Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Flying High

Jumping on a plane this morning to fly across the States -- should be packing right now but I'm giving into the procrastination bug...figure I'll just throw in a few things at the last minute and hope for the best! :-p -- I was considering what snacks to bring onboard.

I'm loading up a baggie with carrot sticks, another with Trader Joe's Sweet, Savory & Tart Trek Mix, a Cara Cara orange, and perhaps tossing a few granola bars into the mix. I like to bring healthy snacks along with me as most offered in the airports are both laden with preservatives and cost an arm and a leg. I would like to keep mine, thank you. ;)

It is sometimes difficult now with the restrictions on liquids. I used to bring along a yogurt cup, but that counts as a liquid. I had to throw it out last time I went through screening. I also drink copious amounts of water, especially important when you're flying, but, again, can't take that through the security screening check point. I've been known to gulp down 40 oz. of water just so I wouldn't have to throw out a bottle I just purchased, but I've learned my lesson and now tote along an empty water bottle I fill up as soon as I pass through those invasive machines.

I do have a weak spot for fro yo and ice cream, however....will probably make a pit-stop in Chicago for a quick treat. Haven't figured out how to pack those into my carry-on just yet.... :)

What sorts of comestibles do you prepare for your high-flying trips??

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