Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Sometimes life feels like a murky, muddled mess. Not really sure where God is leading you, what kind of refinement He is working in you, how He is using you as an instrument...the final product is far from sight. But you trust. You patiently wait for the result....

This whipping cream -- still in liquid form -- requires a similiar faith, hope, trust to that you must place in God during those times of uncertainty and trial. With the cream, you are faced with a puddle of white liquid that is supposedly capable of becoming solid through patient, consistent labor. It seems impossible. Take up a whisk. Attempt it by hand. You beat and beat and beat. Whip and whip and whip. Stir and stir and stir. Still liquid.

You turn the bowl. Shake out your wrist. Switch hands. Maybe your left arm is stronger. You turn the whisk faster and faster, continuing to just see liquid.

Finally, when your wrist feels as if its nearly lost feeling, it begins to take shape. Peaks emerge. The cream holds its form. It truly does contain a solid being beneath its apparent watery surface.

Your life may seem like that liquified cream right now, seemingly incapable of solidification. Be patient; God is 'beating' and 'whipping' your life into a beautiful, 'solid' creation. One day, when you least expect it, it will be revealed.


healthily sanguine said...

If life is like whipped cream, why do some people have the KitchenAids and I am left whipping by hand?? ;)

Laurel said...

God gives some better tools than others, I guess! ;-)