Tuesday, January 12, 2010

San Francisco Treat

How is that I have walked past this place so many times and never stopped inside?? There are gems that lie hidden within the industrial facade of the Ferry Building in downtown San Francisco. Sparkling jewels that are easily overlooked...
Within its walls, there are quaint food stalls carrying delicious morsels of nearly every type of food. They have speciality shops dedicated to mushrooms, pig, olive oil, gelato, pastries, coffee, kitchen utensils, gluten-free foods, cheese...just to name a few! It is a foodie's paradise.
Arriving early in the morning, I met a friend for coffee at the Blue Bottle Coffee Company.
Having met during our studies in Paris, we'd become snobs regarding expressions of beauty and refinement. ;-) Our barista did not let us down. Before our very eyes, he transformed our drinks into works of art.

The Blue Bottle Coffee Company is known for its use of organic coffee beans farmed from pesticide-free plants. It is freshly brewed on the spot every morning for a delicious roast. I had the cafe au lait as a salute to our time spent in France.
While waiting for my friend whose train was en retard, I wandered through the hallways, peeking in on the foods being freshly prepared that morning. This shop caught my eye, in part due to my growling stomach, and I purchased a cinnamon croissant roll to nibble for breakfast.
I had visions, though, of loading up a paper bag full of the warm loaves emerging from the oven...a baguette, an olive focaccia loaf, a petit pumpkin roll, a rye bun. The reality of carrying the bag over town all day -- on the bus, traipsing across Golden Gate Park, through museums -- kept me from going overboard. ;-)
Dozens of reasons to return.

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Christina said...

That looks like a great place! I have yet to locate a cafe near here where the barista can produce latte art, so I appreciate all pictures I see of it.

I love how brightly lit the entire place is.