Friday, January 1, 2010

Ice, Ice Baby

There are many methods by which one can melt ice cubes. But, by far, my new favorite means is with your EYES. That's right, did you know that you are capable of making that ice cube weep with your laser-beam stare?

Well, that's what my co-teacher convinced our sweet, innocent children the other day as we were experimenting with different ways to melt ice. He announced that we would be having a three-way contest to see which group could get their ice to melt the fastest. The first group would melt their cubes with their hands, the second with their breath, the third with their laser-beam stare.

Let's just say that last method wasn't the winner but many gave their greatest efforts to get that darned cube to MELT.

A couple of the kids had their gazes fixed intently upon that ice for a solid 3 minutes. (For 6 year-olds that is a long time.)

Then, my co-teacher told them that the wider they opened their eyes, the more effective their eyes would be in melting the ice. So we had children actually trying to pry their eyelids open as far as they could with their fingers. Eventually, I had mercy on them and told them they could complete the melting process with their hands, although I was rather surprised how far a few of them got with merely their glare. Perhaps there was some heat behind that gaze....?

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