Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Reflection

I'm munching one of these tasty morsels - a sweet potato biscuit from Karen's -- as I wait for a friend to go for a jog along the bike trail. Seems a fitting warm-up before stuffing myself silly during the Thanksgiving feast.

The cafe is bustling with activity -- waitresses concentrating, serving, cleaning; folks dropping by to pick up their pecan pies, savory biscuits, or adorable cornucopia cookies; families pausing with anticipation for a bite to eat before hustling off for last minute grocery purchases.

On the covered outdoor patio, old friends are catching up on life -- a young woman shares with a gentleman across the way concerning relocation plans with her military husband, girlfriends feting a 40th birthday with carefully wrapped packages, Russian and American traditions and customs compared.


Food preparations often occur in a flurry of labor, striving for the perfect dishes.

Then, a period of enjoyment, relaxation, contemplation creating memories that last a lifetime with family and friends.

This is what I wish for you this Thanksgiving.

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