Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Opening a Coffee Shop: Broadacre Coffee

What a great idea!

Plotting to open a new shop in town? One of the best marketing schemes you can employ is to find a location that replaces a reputable shop of the same peruasion. This is especially true if it involves food and/or drink. Customers will come meandering (or rushing) in, starved or parched, greatly desiring sustenance. Initially, they will be a bit dazed when they encounter the unfamiliar decor and offerings, but will be pleasantly surprised they find they still have the potential to be satisfied by what you offer.

However, you will be responsible for catching their eye and holding them captive with your own appetizing flair. I have faith in you.

This coffee shop recently moved into one of the quaint shops in downtown Sacramento, replacing one of my favorite coffee haunts, Temple. (Fortunately, they have two other locations to visit.) It is one of those spots you can easily miss if you don't know what you are looking for. Their triangular exterior framing above the front door is the sole object that alerts you to its presence. Once sipping your beverage of choice, their cozy window seats allow you to gaze outside, losing yourself in deep philosophical thought or people-watching, two of my favorite pasttimes.

I was pleasantly surprised with their ability to sate my thirst with fine flavors. But, truly, they went above and beyond.

That bit of flair I mentioned?
I was entranced by their swirling foam decorations. Well done.

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