Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day Feast

I apologize; I'm a bit distracted today with Cyber Monday shopping. Apparently, I thought I had uncovered something novel this year -- the craziness of Cyber Monday to follow the frenzy of Black Friday -- but my friend just informed me that she landed some great deals last year on this Monday of Mondays.

It's probably at least a decade old, and I'm just now stumbling upon it. It is a good thing my existence doesn't depend upon the lastest cyber trend or I wouldn't still be here to tell the tale.

Back to the grind after a lovely Turkey Day and long weekend.

~Hope yours was wonderful in every way.~

Table set for the feast

Cute Fall leaf candles

Mr. Squirrel, Napkin Holder

Pre-dinner gin & tonic


Turkey name cards

Cleanin' beans

Turkey carving

Dinner plate full of goodies

Cornmeal Apple Pie

Chocolate Angel Pie

1 comment:

Sadi Jean said...

Thanksgiving was so wonderful! Your chocolate angel pie was fantastic !